Graphic Designer



Since my 1984 arrival in Toronto (from my native Montreal) I ran a one-man design and production company called UnderFoot Communications Ltd.  I was blessed to have a job doing what I loved, from the comfort of home (even before the home office became fashionable).  I enjoyed many longtime professional relationships with a variety of clientele – the Royal Ontario Museum, Toronto District School Board, City of Toronto, Ministry of Education, Sutherland-Chan School to name a few.

I put the corporation “to sleep” in January 2013, but still provide design assistance and consultation for a number of smaller clientele. Over the last ten years or so (coincidentally, right around the time Kundalini Yoga was having a profound effect on my entire being and lifestyle) I noticed something about myself.  Sometimes, as I would be working away on an UnderFoot project, an email might come in from one of the studios I taught at or from someone from the Toronto Kundalini Yoga Teacher’s Association in need of some promotional assistance.  I was always, and remain, happily available to support the promotion of this Yoga that has given me so much.  It was, however, when I watched myself drop that “paying gig” I was working on and immediately embrace and bang out that poster or brochure for the workshop or concert or whatever that Yoga-related event was that a tide was clearly turning …and Kundalini Yoga was to blame.

One of the principal and foundational mantras in my Yoga is “Sat Nam”.  “Sat” means Truth and “Nam” means Identity.  We’re forever chanting those two words as a call-out to and affirmation of our essential nature and true self.  It’s a bij or bija mantra – a “seed” mantra.  Chant that vibration enough times and what if, like a nourished seed, it takes and your truth comes to the fore.  This, I observed, was what was happening to me.  Those Yoga projects I was offering to the community as a seva (freebie) were jumping to the top of my priority list.  That professional job I was working on would have to wait. (My God, there’s a Snatam Kaur concert coming to town in three months!  Must do immediately!).  That’s about what it felt like.  My priorities were definitely shifting.  I let some professional relationships go and retained some.

Let me know if I can be of assistance.